Congratulations on joining the Fund! The habits you form now will set you up for the rest of your years.

First things first: make sure you understand your benefits and where to see your Fund value. Contribute as much as you can each month.

Now, build a credit history and learn how to manage your debt. It is through strong and reliable credit habits that you can make educated large purchases and take out loans for the house or new car that you may need very soon.

You’re no longer in your twenties – you’re a legitimate adult member of society with responsibilities and possibly a family as well. It’s time to take on the world of investment and saving in a more serious manner.

Preparing for the future, with the help of a registered financial advisor, is one of the true signs of taking control of your finances. An advisor will help you select the right savings and investment options, and will also take into account other things you need to plan for – for example, your children’s tertiary education. Getting good advice is so important, especially at this busy, exciting stage of your life.

By now, your kids are leaving school, and leaving you. It’s time to start making really concrete plans for YOUR future. Do you have a clear retirement plan, and are you keeping to it? It’s a good time to reassess this, with the help of your advisor.

Most people choose lifestyle over financial freedom at this stage. You should never live to the full capacity of your income – or worse, create debt to improve your lifestyle. You need to have available capital for your investment activities. So let your nest egg grow and grow, and if you can – add a little extra each month. Every little bit helps!

You’re almost there! If you’ve followed all the steps, your retirement should be looking very rosy by now. Finalise your pension options with your financial advisor, who will help you choose the best annuity for your needs.

Make sure your savings are in the right portfolio so that you don’t lose out at this late stage. And try to have your home paid off before you finish working, so that you won’t have that financial burden when you are on pension.

You’re looking good! It’s time to start thinking of ideas for hobbies!

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