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Bonolo: / 072 463 9271

Bonolo will be supported by the Retirement Benefit Counselling team of INfund Solutions (Pty) Ltd. The team members can be contacted by sending an email to or by calling 021 915 3567.

To practically assist you in optimising your retirement, the board appointed INfund Solutions (Pty) Ltd to provide you with Retirement Benefit Counselling, which includes the following services:
Counselling, education and communication with you on the options available upon termination of service, be it resignation, retrenchment or retirement.
Communicate the Fund’s strategies and options made available to you in terms of:
Investments which include information on the default investment portfolio and any member investment options available in the Fund.
Options upon withdrawal prior to retirement, being information on becoming a paid-up member in the Fund or any other preservation options available.
Options upon retirement, being information on the Fund’s annuity strategy and other annuity options available to you upon retirement.

It is important that you engage with a retirement benefits counsellor prior to taking any financial decisions such as investment switches or upon resignation, retirement or even in the unfortunate event of you becoming ill and being placed on disability or going on early ill-health retirement. The retirement benefit counsellors have been contracted specifically to assist you to make informed decisions at these crucial times so that you do not find yourself in financial products or situations with costly unintended consequences. INfund Solutions (Pty) Ltd is not a financial services provider and therefore the benefit counsellor will only provide you with factual information intended to place you in a position where you can make informed decisions.

This service is not just for members closer to retirement. We encourage all members, young and old, to engage with the retirement benefit counsellors. Younger members will be assisted with financial projections to determine if they are saving enough for retirement. These will in all likelihood form part of the most important decisions you will ever make. You will be equipped with information to make the right decisions, keeping your financial journey on track.


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